Giving Back

Alliance for Change Founder – Ernest Morgan (L)

Founding member Ernest Morgan (pictured left) spent over 20 years in prison on a life sentence. After a rocky start, Ernest began to take his life more seriously and paying attention to what he had been learning in his self-help groups.

By the time Ernest was found suitable for release from prison by the board of parole hearings, he had maintained a decades long clean record, participated in dozens of Inmate Leisure Time Activity Groups and prison functions, as well as helping to co-found several other groups at San Quentin, including the Alliance for CHANGE in 2008.

Upon release in 2010 he moved back to his native San Francisco and began taking care of his elderly grandmother. After the passing of his grandmother, Ernest remained in San Francisco assisting two and three jobs at times while still giving back to his community. Ernest is assisting Alliance members reintegrate into their communities upon release.

Ernest has been the Alliance’s Director of Marketing representing the men from the other side of the wall. He is now poised to raise his level of support to a whole new level helping to recruit new board members and volunteers. He is also working on expanding Alliance reintegration services to more prisons throughout the vast California prison system.

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