Our Programs

The Alliance for CHANGE is a unique and individualized program, utilizing continuity of care and other best practices to enhance public safety and social justice. We partner with currently and formerly incarcerated people and provide compassionate assistance when they and their peers return to the community upon their release from prison.


More than 48 students per year graduate from the Alliance Social Justice Education Program and another 40 graduate from Anger Management. Over 150 men have completed our social justice course, and we have supported dozens of men in the days and months after their release. We continue to grow and work with more partners and we look forward to expanding our reach and our effect on the men’s lives.

  • Parole and Reintegration Program – There are courses to prepare for parole and then support once released that helps with functional skills, connects them back to their community, and creates a support system that is essential to reintegration.
  • Social Justice Education Program– Participants have endured years of institutionalization within the criminal justice system. This course te aches them about what some of the factors are that helped land them in prison in the first place, ways in which they can become civically engaged, and how to have a stake in their society.
  • Peer Mentorship Program – Empowers previous graduates to help guide new students through the social justice curriculum.
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