Parole and Reintegration Program

Parole and Reintegration Program

When formerly incarcerated people fail to complete parole, all of us fail. We believe that formerly incarcerated people need to be fully integrated into their communities in order for all of us to have safe and healthy communities. To give them the right start for success, we offer rides from the gate of the prison to their parole office and transitional housing, provide them with a welcome home kit of essentials such as toiletries and clothes, and connect them with critical community resources. The first moments on parole are crucial to their success and to their chances of avoiding situations that might land them back in prison.

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To locally paroled clients, the Alliance offers a multitude of other services.  We hold weekly classes, as well as one on one trainings, to assist clients in learning how to safely and effectively use smart phone, web-based, and computer technology. We help with critical job development skills such as creating resumes and cover letters, and also serve as a liaison to the Adult Parole Department and various transitional communities. We offer Critical Adventures, where we connect volunteers with formerly incarcerated men and women to achieve practical tasks together, all in a fun and supportive environment. Participants learn to use public transportation, take their driver’s license tests, shop, get government assistance, and manage a bank account, among other tasks. They learn these success-building skills alongside caring community members who check in with them continuously and offer whatever assistance is needed.

We have also developed a large network of peer mentors, all of whom are formerly incarcerated and were trained members of the Alliance since their incarceration.  Clients can depend on a listening ear and words of wisdom from peers—many of whom they’ve known for years and even decades while incarcerated– who have traveled a similar path to them, and have become models of success.

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